Friday, February 5, 2010

MY 4 1 1 .

My life is like a Photo album i try to capture every moment to built memories.

I am a Cupcake

with plenty of dreams & goals i have to still achieve. I care about others before myself ; yes i`m not selfish but sometimes you have to put others aside & look for what you want. Motivation start from within ourselves and if we push ourselves we can conquer alot!

Trust me i`m not PERFECT !

I dont shit out roses & act like i`m the shit. . No i embrace my FLAWS & love being imperfect. i learn from others as well as educate others. I`m a helping hand who will always go that extra step to do whats best.

I`m a Sister , Aunt , Daughter & Friend .

who spends every time i can with the people i lovee the most. Love is something that everyone should get , it is also something everyone should recieve.

Sometime i feel that life is just speeding by & i wont be able to capture the light, but life is about growing and learning. We make mistakes so that we can learn from them & continue to live. One mistake shouldnt be the end it should be the beginning in learning.

I`m a room full of color , Happiness and random-ness. Yes i will be that girl that will laugh in the middle of the streets of something that happen earlier. That girl that will sing in the middle of the streets late at night OUT loud! The girl that will come up with something random yet funny to say. The girl that will always walk into a room with a SMILE to brighten up someones day even if i couldnt brighten up my own.

I was a girl with a BROKEN heart that went through pain , hurt but then realize enough was enough. You could love someone dearly but you have to learn how to love yourself first. Respect yourself and tell yourself every day that your beautiful. If you dont do these things then you will always be that person with a broken heart. In order to get & feel love. You must love yourself & become a lover.Your heart will heal and it will rebuilt itself but you have to collect back the pieces in order to make yourself stronger! Everything happens for a reason ; you dont know what the future has in store for you so enter that bitch with a big bright smile & a optimistic state of mind!

Before you judge me please get to know me ; take a walk in either one adjust the lace to my fit and walk my footprints to see whats its like to be me. Take & See all the steps i took to become who i am now. What doesnt kill make you stronger, you just have to tell yourself that you are strong & you could over come any obstacle headed your way .

I am a Lover , a Believer,a beautiful THICK female who loves herself dearly. A female with a great head over her shoulder. I am a BROOKLYN girl with a mean street attitude when its needed! A Fashion lover! I am a friend that will always be there for you when needed. I am that shoulder you can always rely on when times seem so hard to over come. I am that light that will shine when ever things seems dim. I am Hazel a person with a big heart who has a piece to love everyone
Besitos ; *pusspuss* xoxo--

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  1. hazel my twin u look soo prettyy miss u get back at me i need to talk to u asap.

    xoxo Chikii