Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pain makes you REALIZE !

(This is me after all the tears i've cried; all the pain i took in , in one day . Yes i look like a hot mess but this is who I am)

Today has to be by far the worst day of my life ever! I've never been mentally abused the way ive been today! I never realized how of GREAT PERSON i am ! I used to give people so many chances and all that led up to was me getting my heart broken. Today the dude i loved showed me his true colors. Ive gotten called all the names in the book one can be called. And i pour my eyes out to the closest thing that was to me and that was a pillow. im thousand of miles away from my bestfriend because she would have took me to the roof let me cry in her shoulders, give me advice and she would have wiped my tears away and tell me how much of a beautiful i am. I didnt want anyone to see me crying because crying leads to questions and i really didnt feel like answering questions so yea the pillow was my bestfriend for the day. After all that went on i took a time to realize and take in everything that happen and im a beautiful person with the greatest heart ever. ive taken things that have hurt me but it didnt kill me it made me stronger. I love who i am and i wouldnt change me for no one. Its his lost not mines.

-- I'm beautiful ; I'm Hazel and I love ME!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Things i [Loveee]. . .♥

These are the things i [Loveee]. . . ♥
The twinkle in my eyes my beautiful [BabyGIRL]

I have a big PASSION for [FASHION] .

I lovee this pain in my ass My Little [BROTHER] .

The Sunshinee of my smile My [NEPHEW]

My other Halfs My [wifeee's]

Russian Wifeee .


Another Passion that fire my heart [PHOTOGRAPHY]

My Ride & Die [COCOchanel]

My idol LadyGAGA !

Be who you are & dont try to impress no one. Love yourself & tell yourself each day that your beautiful. Before you learn to lovee ; love , trust believe in yourself & then let others come in to do the same!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Summer Goals*

I`ve been on a diet and NO its not for no one im doing it for myself. I want to feel even more beautiful in my own skin.So im working super hard to get my ass into these beautiful but FABOLOUS bathing suits! I dont care how long it takes but i will be in these swimsuits!



These Baby suits come from "Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes" [] they have a wide unique diverse style. You can have modern mixed in with vintage. Check it out yourself & explore your taste buzz!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Beautiful BUTTERFLY.

I`ve been living at the edge. Sometimes i feel like i am going to tip over & shatter into pieces. My mind tells me i`m stronger than that but my heart is showing other wise. Sometimes i want to sit in the dark & cry but other times i just want to dance in the dark alone with rain drops falling sliding down my beautiful face. I know im not weak but im not completely strong. I used to cry myself to sleep every night. My pillow used to be my best friend , it was the closest person i had. It would tell me "Hazel please dont cry everything will be alright , the sun will shine" I wanted to listen but all i felt was the cloud hiding the sun with rain falling on me. All i felt was pain. It was ripping me apart and i didnt want to hurt anymore. I woke up one day & told myself enough was enough. I couldnt live with myself being so sad , so down and beyond out! I looked at myself in the mirror and i saw that my browns didnt have that dim to them , they had a spark that i havent seen in a while. A spark that made my browns glow brighter than ever. They had that glow i`ve been dying to see. I saw a smile appear in my face as a tear drop down the side of my face and mumbled to myself "The sun is finally going to shine again!" I ran into my room and grabbed the dark clothing out and brought out my colorful clothing. I did my hair, glossed my eyes and painted a beautiful smile. I felt like the beautiful butterfly i`ve always been. I was happy this burden was off my chest and i slowly began to collect the pieces to my broken hard & began to put the pieces back together! It will take time but im willing to see my happiness come back alive even if it means putting my pride up soo high! I walked out my house feeling better than before. I came to realize that i look soo good without you & i will do really good without you in my life! Thank you for making me stronger!

MY 4 1 1 .

My life is like a Photo album i try to capture every moment to built memories.

I am a Cupcake

with plenty of dreams & goals i have to still achieve. I care about others before myself ; yes i`m not selfish but sometimes you have to put others aside & look for what you want. Motivation start from within ourselves and if we push ourselves we can conquer alot!

Trust me i`m not PERFECT !

I dont shit out roses & act like i`m the shit. . No i embrace my FLAWS & love being imperfect. i learn from others as well as educate others. I`m a helping hand who will always go that extra step to do whats best.

I`m a Sister , Aunt , Daughter & Friend .

who spends every time i can with the people i lovee the most. Love is something that everyone should get , it is also something everyone should recieve.

Sometime i feel that life is just speeding by & i wont be able to capture the light, but life is about growing and learning. We make mistakes so that we can learn from them & continue to live. One mistake shouldnt be the end it should be the beginning in learning.

I`m a room full of color , Happiness and random-ness. Yes i will be that girl that will laugh in the middle of the streets of something that happen earlier. That girl that will sing in the middle of the streets late at night OUT loud! The girl that will come up with something random yet funny to say. The girl that will always walk into a room with a SMILE to brighten up someones day even if i couldnt brighten up my own.

I was a girl with a BROKEN heart that went through pain , hurt but then realize enough was enough. You could love someone dearly but you have to learn how to love yourself first. Respect yourself and tell yourself every day that your beautiful. If you dont do these things then you will always be that person with a broken heart. In order to get & feel love. You must love yourself & become a lover.Your heart will heal and it will rebuilt itself but you have to collect back the pieces in order to make yourself stronger! Everything happens for a reason ; you dont know what the future has in store for you so enter that bitch with a big bright smile & a optimistic state of mind!

Before you judge me please get to know me ; take a walk in either one adjust the lace to my fit and walk my footprints to see whats its like to be me. Take & See all the steps i took to become who i am now. What doesnt kill make you stronger, you just have to tell yourself that you are strong & you could over come any obstacle headed your way .

I am a Lover , a Believer,a beautiful THICK female who loves herself dearly. A female with a great head over her shoulder. I am a BROOKLYN girl with a mean street attitude when its needed! A Fashion lover! I am a friend that will always be there for you when needed. I am that shoulder you can always rely on when times seem so hard to over come. I am that light that will shine when ever things seems dim. I am Hazel a person with a big heart who has a piece to love everyone
Besitos ; *pusspuss* xoxo--