Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pain makes you REALIZE !

(This is me after all the tears i've cried; all the pain i took in , in one day . Yes i look like a hot mess but this is who I am)

Today has to be by far the worst day of my life ever! I've never been mentally abused the way ive been today! I never realized how of GREAT PERSON i am ! I used to give people so many chances and all that led up to was me getting my heart broken. Today the dude i loved showed me his true colors. Ive gotten called all the names in the book one can be called. And i pour my eyes out to the closest thing that was to me and that was a pillow. im thousand of miles away from my bestfriend because she would have took me to the roof let me cry in her shoulders, give me advice and she would have wiped my tears away and tell me how much of a beautiful i am. I didnt want anyone to see me crying because crying leads to questions and i really didnt feel like answering questions so yea the pillow was my bestfriend for the day. After all that went on i took a time to realize and take in everything that happen and im a beautiful person with the greatest heart ever. ive taken things that have hurt me but it didnt kill me it made me stronger. I love who i am and i wouldnt change me for no one. Its his lost not mines.

-- I'm beautiful ; I'm Hazel and I love ME!