Friday, February 5, 2010

Beautiful BUTTERFLY.

I`ve been living at the edge. Sometimes i feel like i am going to tip over & shatter into pieces. My mind tells me i`m stronger than that but my heart is showing other wise. Sometimes i want to sit in the dark & cry but other times i just want to dance in the dark alone with rain drops falling sliding down my beautiful face. I know im not weak but im not completely strong. I used to cry myself to sleep every night. My pillow used to be my best friend , it was the closest person i had. It would tell me "Hazel please dont cry everything will be alright , the sun will shine" I wanted to listen but all i felt was the cloud hiding the sun with rain falling on me. All i felt was pain. It was ripping me apart and i didnt want to hurt anymore. I woke up one day & told myself enough was enough. I couldnt live with myself being so sad , so down and beyond out! I looked at myself in the mirror and i saw that my browns didnt have that dim to them , they had a spark that i havent seen in a while. A spark that made my browns glow brighter than ever. They had that glow i`ve been dying to see. I saw a smile appear in my face as a tear drop down the side of my face and mumbled to myself "The sun is finally going to shine again!" I ran into my room and grabbed the dark clothing out and brought out my colorful clothing. I did my hair, glossed my eyes and painted a beautiful smile. I felt like the beautiful butterfly i`ve always been. I was happy this burden was off my chest and i slowly began to collect the pieces to my broken hard & began to put the pieces back together! It will take time but im willing to see my happiness come back alive even if it means putting my pride up soo high! I walked out my house feeling better than before. I came to realize that i look soo good without you & i will do really good without you in my life! Thank you for making me stronger!

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